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New York City real estate is known to be some of the most luxurious property in the world. The towering apartment buildings we walk past on our daily commutes often have even more beauty hidden inside of them than one could imagine.

The luxury real estate in New York City is meant to wow, and it never falls short of that goal.  With every property looking to be the very best living space for their residents, new and improved amenities are being developed all of the time. When convenience and accessibility are expected, luxury developers go above and beyond to create the most beautiful spaces possible for residents. This is a peek into the beautiful amenities that are being offered in various NYC apartment complexes.


Private Indoor Pools

louis ceruzzi private pool

Indoor pools might be the most extravagant amenity simply because they often entail a great deal of water being held thousands of feet in the air. But, despite the fact that New York City’s building and development codes aren’t always the easiest to navigate, and getting an indoor pool undoubtedly requires careful navigation and planning, indoor pools are absolutely an amenity that many luxury apartment building can offer.

Some apartment buildings offer just one, beautiful pool that all building residents have access to. Others, like the Soori High Line will offer private pools within the individual apartments.

Private Wine Cellars

louis ceruzzi wine

It’s no secret that fine wine goes hand in hand with luxurious lifestyles. So, it makes sense that New York’s elite will have desire a space for their expansive wine collections. Many luxury apartments and condos hear and understand that need, and have begun incorporating individual, private wine cellars into residents’ packages. Similar to the private pool set up, some buildings offer wine cellars built directly into the residents’ suites, and others offer a shared space that includes both wine cellars and a communal tasting area.


Bowling Alleys

louis ceruzzi bowling alley

This is not as common as the other amenities on this list, but private bowling alleys are absolutely an amenities that some luxury developments offer to their residents. It is unclear as to whether or not bowling alleys will ever be so heavily desired that they’ll become a commonplace occurrence in luxury developments. But, if a buyer is looking for something of that nature, developments like The Aldyn will cater to that specific need.


Indoor Basketball Courts & Expansive Gyms

louis ceruzzi basketball court

Fitness is incredibly important, but there may not always be time to venture out to the gym. That is not an issue in most luxury developments. Full gyms are the most commonplace amenities in most of these condo and apartment complexes. Everything from the latest high-tech equipment to rock climbing walls are available; it’s all about finding the best development for you. 

A full-sized basketball court isn’t always available, but it is absolutely a selling point for athletes looking to rent or buy in New York City. It’s been said that NY Knicks player, Carmello Anthony rented from both The Aldyn and The Ashley specifically because of their full sized basketball courts.